The look in his eyes, like…his wife might die along with his unborn child. This is scary to him. Beyond scary even. His wife is his rock. When he cries, she’s there to wipe his tears. When he’s upset she probably does the cutest and silliest things to make him feel better. She sleeps next to him every night, maybe even tells him stories. They are always with each other and if he loses her, he’ll have no one. Imagine how relieved he was when they gave her the potion from the flower as a cure. How happy he must’ve been.

Fast forward to the day Rapunzel was born. Probably the second happiest day in the king’s life after his marriage of course. He finally has a baby girl. She’s beautiful and has her mother’s eyes. That was stolen from him. He’s finally free of the threat of losing them both, but despite his efforts to protect them both, his baby girl was taken away.

Fast forward again to the lantern scene. He misses his little girl. His precious angel. For eighteen years now she’s been missing. He looks to his wife. Her eyes…the same ones her daughter has. He sheds a tear and the woman whom he loves most wipes it away.

Fast forward one more time. He’s having a conversation with his wife and a guard runs in. She’s been found. His little girl has been found. But he’s probably seen so many fakes that he’s got little hope. He runs out to see and he looks at Rapunzel. All grown up now. Her hair is different, but those eyes…that face…that’s her…it’s really her…And this man that’s with her. Who cares if he stole the crown. He brought back his baby girl. For that, he’d give Eugene a thousand crowns if he could.

Throughout the whole movie, the king never loses faith that one day his little angel will come back. In my opinion, the story of the king is the most heart wrenching part of the movie.